RubySlippers, the smartest blog engine in all of Oz!

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RubySlippers, the smartest blogging engine in all of Oz!

June 21st 2011
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This is the default template for my new blogging engine built using rack and ruby (based on toto!). It’s called RubySlippers, and I hope you use it and help me with ideas to make it even better.

Go to the github repo.

Blog in 10 seconds

To install your blog

$ git clone git:// myblog
$ cd myblog
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle
$ rake install
$ -> Blog name: My new blog
$ Installing your blog to my-new-blog
$ Blog installed!

To create an article

$ rake new
$ -> Title: My new blog post!
$ Creating and opening my-new-blog-post (opens in your text editor!)
$ rake publish (commits, pushes, publishes then opens in your browser!)

That’s it for now. Happy hacking!